ZETA architects


ZETA architects is an office of architecture and urban planning based in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands. Out here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean we find inspiration to create, draw and build houses, urban plans, interior designs and landscape designs. Our team consists of people with very different backgrounds who have come together to develop new and exciting architecture and ensure a high level of quality in the building process.

At ZETA we combine the skills of a traditional architect with those of a constructing architect and an urban planner to make a strong team that creates both pragmatic solutions and visionary projects.

We approach every new project with a huge amount of curiosity. We use this curiosity to ask questions and investigate every aspect of the given project. We believe that by asking the right questions and investigating the circumstances it becomes possible to create new and better environments for people and their everyday lives.


Architect MAA/AF and constructing architect

Ragnar is our team’s aesthetic visionary. He is the architect with the artistic overview and the keen attention to detail. When Ragnar works on a project he is not afraid of pushing the limits and testing new forms and materials in order to create the architectural idea that is just right for the specific place and function. His attention to detail makes sure that every project is an aesthetic whole that suits the needs of the client.


T: +298 299 299

E: zeta@zeta.fo


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Landscape architect MAA and urban planner

Søren is the planner in our team. He approaches a project from above analyzing the different needs, possibilities and circumstances in order to get the full overview of how to solve the project in the best way. As a landscapearchitect he has a special focus on how the building fits in to its surroundings and how architecture is not only about bricks, walls and roofs but also plants, trees, water and outdoor areas.


T: +298 299 298

E: syj@zeta.fo


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